Session Information

Please remember to bring a water bottle!! After morning coffee and snacks water will be the only drink option.

Session A: 10:30 – 12:50

A01: Three More “R’s” for Education: AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and MR (Mixed Reality)

Presenter:  Hall Davidson

Description: There is no better way to encourage a growth mindset than to move into new territory where effort is rewarded and success is visible. The new “3 R’s” do this by engaging students with tools that have no prefixed identity. This overview of AR, VR, and MR offers example of their impact in classrooms and ways to tie projects to the curriculum. It is not a sideshow. Every major tech firm is betting the future on these technologies. Already in traditional industries from design to manufacture, it’s time to get these technologies integrated into traditional subject matter. See how they can be integrated into classroom projects now.

A02: Chromebooks and Content Creation

Presenter: Deirdre DeGagne

Description: Digital media is redefining the way we access information, communicate, and share ideas. This workshop will address the three Cs of the Core Competencies: Communication, Creative and Critical thinking. Come and explore how to bring learning to life and allow students to make their thinking visible. Content creation apps for your Chromebooks, such as Screencastify and Powtoon will be used.

A03: Critical Consumption & Creation in a Digital Age

Presenters: Debbie Born, Greg Chin, Lisa Griffiths

Description: Do you know how to speak Google? How to research online? This workshop will give you practical ideas on how to teach your students the art of online searching, questions to ask when scanning results, and tools to help with online citations.  Help your students develop the critical thinking skills needed for inquiry!

A04: Putting the “I” in Team

Presenter:  Jerry Loeppky

Description: Working well together is critical to the life of a school.  In this session we will explore ways to strengthen school teams by identifying group dynamics, including the right people, keeping everyone informed and incorporating strategies to target student needs. This workshop is intended for teachers, EAs, YCWs, and others interested in exploring ways to support students by strengthening your school team.

A05: Why Oh Why Office 365: Communicating and Collaboration in the cloud

Presenter:  Todd Diakow

Description: We will look at the benefits of Office 365 to easily back up your files in a secure and FOIPPA compliant environment, create live documents to share and edit with others, and how to be efficient with using cloud based email and calendar. This session is for all District staff including support services, teachers and administrators.

A06: Exploring Francophone Culture! / Célébrons notre culture francophone!

Presenter:  Duncan Hazlewood

Description: Francophone culture is so much more than the Eiffel Tower, poutine, and Carnaval.  So what is it? How do we identify it? And how do we incorporate it into our French language instruction? We will explore resources and activities that can help you build your students’ Francophone culture curricular competencies.

La culture francophone figure pleinement dans le curriculum. Explorons ensemble ce qu’est la culture francophone et comment l’identifier et l’incorporer dans nos classes de français langue.

 Intended audience :  Core French and French Immersion teachers, grades 6-8.

A07: CPI Refresher

Presenters:  Michelle Gehring

Description:  If you have taken CPI within the last 2 years, you are eligible to attend this Refresher course. Proof of previous certification may be required. In this course, Participants will review the key concepts and understandings of NonViolent Crisis Intervention. Attendees must sign up for BOTH sessions.

A08: Differentiating Reading Assessment

Presenter: Marsha Legault and Taryn Lawrence

Description: Do you have a class with reading abilities that stretch from sea to sea? Come check out some strategies and structures we’ve been experimenting with to meet this wide variety of needs, including Daily 5 adapted for middle school, RTI model and Comprehension Toolkit. Bring your own struggles and strategies to share.


Session B: 12:50 – 2:10

B01: Artificial Intelligence. No Better Time Than Now to Integrate!

Presenter: Hall Davidson

Description: When today’s students enter the work force there will be serious AI (artificial intelligence) presence. The wave of job replacement or job security for those with expertise. Google, Apple, Facebook, Samsung the auto industry and many others have invested in and launched AIs.  There is no better time to introduce AI than now, while it’s young and accessible. Find AI classroom introductions, integrations, and examples. Code Alexa(!) and learn. FRPA, COPPA concerns addressed. World-changing machines are coming. Get students ready now.

B02: Mystery Skype

Presenter: Michelle Olson

Description: Communication and collaboration now extend outside of the walls of our schools.  Through various digital tools, we can now collaborate and communicate with classrooms around the world.  In this hands-on and interactive session you will see how you can invite learners around the world into your classroom.  All participants will need a device.

B03: Is Teacher Collaboration Worth It?

Presenters: Anita Heitz and Michael Boldt

Description: A look into our progress in collaboration as we try to work together as teachers to provide authentic learning experiences for our students while focusing on critical thinking, collaboration and making. We will highlight some of our successes and failures as we walk you through our path to collaboration this year.

B04: Makerspace in the regular classroom.

Presenter:  Lorri Taylor

Description: The Makerspace movement focuses on playing, creating, experimenting, collaboration and communication while learning. It encompasses DIY ideology to make, share and learn across the curriculum. Topics to be shared include setting up your classroom, materials needed, incorporating technology and simple lesson plans. Come prepared to play, create and build.

B05: Deep Listening, Validation, and Empathy

Presenter: Colleen McCutcheon

Description: It is often easy to focus on a student’s behaviour, what we can see.  However, if we are able to look deeper at the meaning behind the behaviour, we can better understand the student’s behaviour.  Communicating to the student that we understand allows the children and youth we work with to feel validated, understood, and supports them to process their own emotions and manage stress.  Come and learn more about how to apply deep listening, validation, and empathy in your work with students.

B06: CPI Refresher

Presenter: Michelle Gehring

Description: If you have taken CPI within the last 2 years, you are eligible to attend this Refresher course. Proof of previous certification may be required. In this course, Participants will review the key concepts and understandings of NonViolent Crisis Intervention. Attendees must sign up for BOTH sessions.

B07: Gamify Creative Writing

Presenter:  Michelle Watrin

Description: You can use Nanowrimo Young Writer’s program to provide automated charts and badges to help students create their own ‘novel’ in a month.  Participants of this session will recieve student ‘I can’ statements on grammar, editing and story elements and a student workbook to help with the creative writing process.

B08: Four ways to incorporate music with designated students

Presenter: Heidi Buhler and Tedra Willers

Description: Our LSS team this year at Reimer includes the entire Exploration . Each Explo teacher uses their specialty and applies creativity applies their skills to compliment the LSS team. Instead of being simply homework support, work catch-up or running adapted classes the Explo teachers uses their specialty to work on life skills with many of our students who struggle academically.  One of the most positive experiences has been using music as a tool to develop social skills, fine motor skills, pattern solving, reading, providing an emotional outlet, and developing a sense of pride in one’s accomplishments and successes.  The method to our madness includes colour-coded keyboards, karaoke, and lots of movement.  As a result of this unique program our students have accomplished so much so far. Come hear from Heidi Buhler, Music Teacher and Tedra Willers, EA  and even get to see our students who will come for a performance at the workshop. This session is applicable for Administration, LSS teachers, Explorations teachers as well as EA’s.